Zendaya Boyfriends List 2022: A Timeline of Zendaya Dating History

Zendaya Dating History: Since her appearance in the Disney series Shake It Up in 2010, Zendaya, originally known as Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, has been making headlines and attracting handsome men.

She has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time (she was born in 1996). In addition to taking part in Dancing On Ice, Disney’s K.C. Undercover, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Zendaya secured a singing contract with Hollywood Records in 2012.


Additionally, Zendaya made appearances in the television movies Frenemies, Good Luck Charlie, and Pixie Hollow Games. She has found time to date, which is impressive, but she has.

Although Zendaya’s dating history isn’t particularly extensive, it is certainly interesting. She has also been associated with men who ended up being her pals.

So, whose hearts did she break? Who, then, has harmed hers? Discover the truths, lies, highs, and lows of Zendaya’s dating life by taking a look back at zendaya boyfriend history.

Adam Irigoyen and Zendaya Dating:

Adam Irigoyen and Zendaya
Image Source: cheatsheet.com

Zendaya’s first relationship was with Adam Irigoyen. They met while co-starring in Shake It Up, according to Highline, where they both worked. It turned out that Zendaya’s first romance lasted from May to December, sort of. She is a year older than Irigoyen, according to WhoDatedWho, which could have made matters more difficult.

What would you expect from a relationship between two people who are 13 and 12? Sadly, theirs only lasted a few months. It lasted two years, according to fan rumors, but most likely because the young viewers wanted to think their favorite TV stars were actually dating.

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Leo Howard and Zendaya Dating:

Leo Howard and Zendaya
Image Source: twitter.com

After shaking off Irigoyen, Zendaya shockingly found a way for another Shake It Off cast member. Highline claims that Zendaya dated Leo Howard, who appeared frequently in the show.

Zendaya, whose stage name is Zizi, was the elder lady in this relationship as well, by a year, in keeping with her history.

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T. R. Jackson and Zendaya Dating:

Highline claims that Zendaya met her current lover two years before they began dating. Since Zendaya and Trevor Jackson were a duo for four years, which included sharing red carpets, Trevor Jackson turned out to be a major decision for her.

T. R. Jackson and Zendaya
Image Source: twitter.com

J14 claims that Jackson gave her a puppy named Noon for Christmas in 2015. So how could she end her relationship with the man who gave her a dog? Not her. She and Jackson had an argument. It was my first love, Zendaya admitted to Vogue. It wasn’t a happy conclusion.

In addition to their tight friendship following their collaboration on his music video, Trevor and Zendaya claimed to be friends.

He is the world’s best friend I have. I adore him utterly. In 2014, she described their dynamic as being limited to that. Also at the time, Trevor addressed relationship rumors by joking, “We be giggling every time we hear it. We are quite close, so I can see why people could believe that. No, she is merely my friend.

Zendaya was severely impacted by the split. A year later, she said to her fans on social media, “Y’all know I’m not shy about telling you I went through a tough breakup last year,” according to J14. Even though I’m totally over it, it wasn’t simple.

Here’s how I handled it: I began pressuring myself to enjoy myself much more. Going out and simply doing more things were among my new endeavors. You do not have to stay with someone all the time to have a healthy relationship.

Spencer Boldman and Zendaya Dating:

Spencer Boldman and Zendaya
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The rumor mill began when people began speculating about Zendaya and Spencer Boldman becoming together. Boldman was most recognized for his parts in the movies Cruise and the TV series Lab Rats.

What then fueled the rumor? College Candy said that the kiss in the movie Zapped was just a manufactured scene, but it turns out that Boldman and Zendaya have a long history together. They grew up together in Canada, according to She Knows, and Boldman said, “We went kayaking and hung outside of work, all that outside stuff. She is wonderful, her family is wonderful, and she is all you would expect.

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Odell Beckham Jr. and Zendaya Dating:

Another story is that Zendaya dated NFL player Odell Beckham Jr., or at least that is what everyone believes. So, how did that begin? She was spotted leaving a Grammys after-party with Beckham Jr., according to College Candy, but Zendaya’s father insisted, “It’s an audition!” What is the audition for? Daddy’s endorsement?

Odell Beckham Jr. and Zendaya
Image Source: eonline.com

Zendaya and the football player were romantically linked in 2016 when they were photographed exiting the Grammys afterparty together. While out with the actress’s father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, when quizzed about their relationship, the watchful father referred to their outing as an “audition.”

Yes, it was a tryout for Dad’s blessing. Zendaya reportedly afterward remarked, “Just because you’re in the NFL doesn’t mean you get a little slide or a little pass,” as quoted by My Houston Majic. Okay, you have to go via Dad. What followed, then? My father would be okay with a second date, he said.

He was literally the epitome of a gentleman; he was kind, kind, and respectful in all respects. I applaud the young man’s parents for the way they raised him. Perhaps, as a result, the relationship fizzled out before it ever got going.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Dating History:

Highline claims that in the summer of 2017, Zendaya started dating her co-star Tom Holland from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Briton Holland first rose to stardom as Billy Elliot in the Musical, a London-based stage performance.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Source: glamour.com

After pictures of Tom and Zendaya kissing in a car leaked online in July, the couple decided to keep their relationship a secret from the public until late 2021. In an interview with GQ that was published on November 17, 2021, Tom broke his quiet on their romance in response to those kissing photographs, and he has since referred to Zendaya as “My MJ.”

Therefore, how did the world learn? A mix of Instagram and someone’s mother was used. A caption identifying Tom as Zendaya’s “rumored real-life lover” had drawn criticism from a fan. The mother of Disney star Skai Jackson, Kiya Cole, allegedly reacted as follows to Capital FM: “Yes. It is real. They have been secretive for a time. Regards, Mrs. Cole You did Zendaya a lot of good by filling in for her like that, I’m sure.

Holland and Zendaya were later spotted at the premiere of The Avengers: Infinity War. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Zendaya will resume her role as MJ or Mary Jane, and the world will soon see them back together, claims Metro.

According to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity to OK!, Holland stays in Zendaya’s brand-new mansion whenever he visits her in Los Angeles, which happens regularly. The web becomes smaller.

FAQs about Zendaya Boyfriend

  1. Who is Zendaya dating now?

    Fans are aware that Zendaya and Tom Holland have a lengthy history together despite the fact that the couple is keeping their romance under wraps. In 2016, while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, the actors got to know one another, which sparked suspicions of a romantic relationship between them. However, there was no definitive evidence that they were dating until July 2021, when they were observed making passionate kisses to one another.

  2. How old is Zendaya 2022

    About 26 years( born in 1 September 1996)

  3. Does Zendaya have a best friend?

    The most evident friend relationship belongs to Zendaya and Bella Thorne, who have been best friends since infancy. When Zendaya was seven years old and Bella was six, they first became acquainted at an audition for a commercial. Since then, they have become the best of friends due to the fact that they both reside in California.

  4. Are Zendaya and Bella Thorne still close?

    However, in spite of the efforts that were made to establish a competitive dynamic between them, Zendaya and Thorne ended up being very good friends. Shake It Up stars Zendaya and Bella Thorne in the film.

  5. Is Zendaya dating Tom Holland?

    Tom Holland and Zendaya have not publicly stated whether or not they are engaged, despite the fact that Spider-Man fans are still very likely to speculate on the matter. After she displayed a glittering gold ring in a December 2021 mirror selfie that she uploaded on her Instagram Stories, the rumors began to circulate about her relationship status.


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