While being detained, Boosie BadAzz threatens to spit on the police

Boosie Badazz became enraged after being placed in handcuffs during a Georgia traffic check, and we have the harrowing body cam footage of the event.

After being taken into custody in Georgia this week, Boosie BadAzz exploded on the police.

A video of a traffic stop involving Boosie BadAzz and the Fairburn Police Department that took place on Tuesday was posted by TMZ on Thursday (July 14). (July 12). Boosie and the car’s driver, D’Shun Lawrence, were reportedly stopped for having dark window tinting and a hidden license plate, according to the celebrity news website.

Police claim that Boosie and De’Shun Lawrence, 19, rode in a black Cadillac SUV together on Wednesday morning.

Police say they smelt marijuana in the car, so they searched it. When they found a package of the pot and a large bag of cash, they handcuffed Boosie and Lawrence and told them to stand by the side of the car.

Boosie can be seen yelling and being clearly irritated in body-cam footage of the incident. “Bro, I can’t go through this anymore. I’m sorry, bro. I do nothing wrong “Boosie complains to nearby police, who tells him that Georgia law prohibits the use of marijuana.

“I must present charges to your superiors. This is bullying. I can’t even live each day. To fucking live, I moved out to the country, buddy “Boosie included.

Boosie BadAzz
Image: Boosie BadAzz/Instagram

Later, Boosie gets angry while speaking to Lawrence. “Screw them. I couldn’t care less if I went to jail “Boosie catches. “I’m that way. Because I’m exhausted, dude, I’ll walk in there and battle the police and spit on those bitches, every-fucking-body.”

He hissed at the officers, telling them that he was a lover and not a fighter and that he was just living in a remote area of Georgia to get AWAY from police activity. After that, he complained about the roughly six years he had served in prison prior to being freed and threatened to stir hell with his fists, his spit, or both., or legitimate legal action.

The tension dissipated when Lawrence acknowledged having the drug. He received a citation before being fired along with Boosie.

The marijuana was seized by the police, but at least they kept him out of jail.

Boosie BadAzz was detained in April of 2013 in Newman, Georgia. He was stopped for driving recklessly in that incident, and police reportedly found 11 grams of suspected marijuana, a loaded 9mm handgun, a sizable amount of cash, and a vape pen with what they think to be THC oil inside. He was accused of two felonies, including possessing less than an ounce of marijuana and possessing a prohibited narcotic, in August of that year.

Following a confrontation at State Farm Arena during the Legendz of the Streetz Tour in October of last year, Boosie BadAzz was taken into custody and charged with second-degree criminal property destruction, riot instigation, unruly behaviour, and criminal trespassing.


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