Vince McMahon became wealthy and famous as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, which generates almost $1 billion in annual revenue.

Vince holds 28.7 million WWE stock shares. He owns class B shares, which give him 80 percent of WWE's voting power and roughly a third of the company's total stock outstanding.

WWE Shares

When the stock reached an all-time high of $96 in April 2019, his shares were worth $2.76 billion.

Image: NBC News

Vince's share in WWE was worth $1.2 billion pre-tax as of February 2020, when the stock was trading at $44.

Image: People Magazine

After selling 3.34 million shares in December 2017, Vince made a $100 million profit.

Image: E! Online

Vince sold 3.2 million shares in April 2019, when the stock was at an all-time high, for a profit of $272 million.

Image: Los Angeles Times

He is rumored to be planning a $500 million investment in the reconstituted XFL.

Vince McMahon House

His Greenwich mansion is said to be worth $40 million. Vince also has a $12 million Manhattan condominium and the sports boat "Sexy Bitch."

Vincent McMahon Net worth 2022 (Forbes)

$2.3Billion Real-Time Net Worth (6/18/22) #1276 in the world today.