The BTS Star J-Hope Backstory Of His Life Will Definitely Inspire Us

He was eight years old when his mother took him to an amusement park. Together, they were engaged in a game of hide-and-seek.

Instead of running away, Hoseok's mother left him all by himself with a Snickers bar.

He stayed in an orphanage for 10 years until being adopted. Because of the incident, he can't tell you how many times you have to say "ten" before fainting.

A phoney smile helped him to feel better about himself, he realised. Because of the boys, he felt that he could smile.

During Jimin's fainting episode, Jimin's mother moved him away from Hoseok. He began to feign a smile again after losing contact with Jimin.

In Hoseok, Munchausen Syndrome was found. As a result of the Munchausen syndrome, sufferers make it appear as if they have an illness when they don't.

This strategy is used to keep the spotlight on them. Hoseok's lack of affection in the orphanage, probably due to his desertion, may have contributed.

During his hospitalisation, Hoseok claims to have seen his mother and child.

As he waits for his mother's return, Hoseok is stuck in a time warp. When the truth is revealed to him, he collapses and dies.

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