From record-breaking songs to stellar appearances, Taylor Swift embodies beauty with brains. Well, it is Taylor Swift’s daily diet and workout routine.

Image: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift’s Diet

She avoids the phrase "diet" and prefers to maintain good eating habits instead. Here are her eating habits on a daily basis.

1. Hydrating The Body With Plain Water

Taylor Swift believes that staying hydrated is essential for maintaining a lean and toned figure.

2. Healthy Eating During Weekdays

Taylor Swift eats largely salads, sandwiches, and yogurt and avoids sugary drinks

3. Foods She Stores In Her Fridge

This young vocalist always has some basic items in her refrigerator. She like thinly sliced ham and eggs for breakfast.

4. A Weekend Treat For Your Taste Buds  5. Cooking to please the palate on occasion  6. Eat Healthy Snacks

All Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift's Workout Routine

Aside from eating responsibly, the gifted actor-singer works hard to maintain her slender and toned figure.

She is a staunch believer in not working out solely for the sake of slimming or losing weight. Concentrate on staying fit and healthy.

Swift, unlike other celebrities and her peers, does not mind working up a sweat. She feels that sweating and working out are effective ways to remove toxins from the body.