Singer Macy Gray Accused of Transphobia Saying Surgery ‘Doesn’t Make You a Woman'

After airing some contentious opinions about the trans community in an interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored, Macy Gray sparked a contentious debate online.

The 54-year-old I Try singer made an appearance on the TalkTV programme on Monday night, where the conversation shifted to a discussion of the transgender community in the media.

The singer continued by saying that even though she would use the pronouns she/her, she did not think that this defined a person as a woman.

On social media, Gray's remarks have sparked a backlash, with many criticising her viewpoints.

Gray's "misinformed" remarks could be a setback in the ongoing struggle for trans rights, according to Dr. Jane Hamlin, president of the trans support group Beaumont Society, who spoke with Yahoo UK.

Dr. Hamlin claims that "misinformed" remarks made by people like Macy Gray and Piers Morgan help to keep this situation going.

She says that trans people are just regular people who want to move on with their lives.