Selena Gomez Birthday Special Quotes About Life

Music star Selena Marie Gomez is an American singer who is famous in fans with the name of Triple Threat.

Selena was born 22 July 1992 in Grand Prairies Texas. Selena was interested in music world from her childhood life.

"Right People and right decisions make you successful rather wrong decisions and wrong people affections."

"If you make mistakes, that's okay, if you don't care about them, that's bad. Every mistake you've made should stay alive in your mind forever so it won't happen again."

"I can't judge because everyone has freedom, but I can settle my opinions." Focus on what you're doing, not what will happen.

People adore my music, but I'm not the best vocalist; there are many street singers. "Everyone can sing, laugh, and be happy."

"Happy Birthday the music princess Selena Gomez for her 29 birthday. May god bless you for a prosperous life."

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