See Photos of Drew Scott And Linda Phan’s Baby Boy

The couple confirmed that their adorable child was born in June 2022, one month earlier than expected.

The new mother remarked at the time, "Other than pooped, I feel terrific. I'm so glad he's here at last.

Father’s Day

When their kid was a baby, Drew and Linda celebrated his first Father's Day with him in a precious way.

Special Bonding Time

Linda captioned a picture of her husband holding Parker, "The way you look at our little bub, the way you love and care for him simply makes my heart so full."

Their Little Prince

On Father's Day, the Brother vs. Brother star shared another unguarded photo of him holding his infant.

So Happy

After the baby was born, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant danced about the hospital room while holding his miniature.

Image: closer weekly


The adorable family photo that was uploaded on June 1, 2022 marked the little cutie's Instagram debut.

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