MacKenzie Scott Net Worth 2022

MacKenzie Scott, formerly MacKenzie Bezos, is a novelist, philanthropist, and activist in the United States.

From 1993 to 2019, she was the wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Jeff and MacKenzie are guardians to four kids.

Jeff and MacKenzie met in 1992 and dated for three months before proposing. In 1993, they tied the knot.

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos declared their separation on January 9, 2019, following 25 years of marriage.

MacKenzie became the world's richest woman for the first time on July 13, 2020, when Amazon's stock surpassed $3,300 per share.

In March 2021, MacKenzie disclosed that she had recently married Dan Jewett, a high school science teacher.

MacKenzie Scott's net worth is $33 billion as of this writing.

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