Lily James:

Things You Didn't Know About The British Actress

Lily James is an British actress, singer, and song writer.

1. Her name isn't Lily James

Lily was actually born Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson but after the death of her father, James Thomson, she took his name in his memory.


Lily James had a very famous grandmother

Helen Horton, Lily's paternal grandmother, was a well-known actress in America.

3. When she is worried, she gets a rash.

4. During the filming of The Pursuit of Love, she had to live in a filming bubble.

5. Lily James is a brilliant singer 

You can hear Lily sing in Mamma Mia, Baby Driver and Cinderella

6. She'd love to be a part of the BBC's genealogy showWho Do You Think You Are?

Lily has always loved the Spice Girls, and she even has a home video of herself singing along to one of her favourite songs.

7. She is a huge Spice Girls fan