When his expectant mother saw a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci at an Italian museum, she named him Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio Workout Routine

Under the direction of his personal trainer Gregory Joujon Roche, Leonardo DiCaprio works out six times a week for ninety minutes per day.

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On Monday

Yoga/ Stretching Cardio/ Treadmill = 1 hour Weightlifting (chest and shoulders) = 30 Min

On Tuesday

Morning run, Weightlifting legs = 1Hour+   Martial arts = 30 Min

On Wednesday

Yoga/Stretching Weight lifting = 30 Min(Abs focus) Cardio = 1-hour

On Thursday

Morning run = 1-hour  Weight lifting on arms = 1-hour  Martial art = 30 min

On Friday = DiCaprio trains his chest and shoulders On Saturday = DiCaprio trains his arms. On Sunday = Rest for Leonardo from the gym.

Leonardo DiCaprio Workout = Beach Body

Push-ups, Aerobics, Kickboxing, Circuit Training, Sprinting, Bodyweight exercises

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Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Plan

The products on Leonardo DiCaprio's diet regimen, according to a different interview with him and his trainer, are listed here.

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Calories Intake(600-800), Protein shake, Toast, Nuts, Fruits, Avocado


Calories intake(600-800), Flax oil seeds, tamari, olive oil, fresh vegetables, salad


Calories intake, Vegetable soup, Cauliflower, Grilled fish or chicken


Lemonade, Organic green tea, 20 ounces of water upon waking up