Lady Gaga has been cruising through the 2019 awards season looking better than ever.

Here are all of her methods and advice for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Abdominal Workout

To maintain her waist toned and sleek, Lady Gaga's regimen includes a few rigorous abdominal exercises.

SoulCycle Burns Calories

The calorie-burning SoulCycle class is a cornerstone of Lady Gaga's fitness programme.

Versaclimber and TRX

She squeezed in a TRX session with Pasternak (dressed in Versace) just before taking the stage at the 2017 Super Bowl!

5-Factor Diet

Her "5-Factor World Diet," according to Pasternak, is more of a lifestyle approach than a rigorous Lady Gaga diet.

Bikram Yoga

Since 2004, Gaga has been practising Bikram yoga with Tricia Donegan, a yogi based in NYC.

Horseback Riding

Lady Gaga did not grow up riding horses, but she developed a passion for them as an adult.


She is such a big believer in the practice that she went so far as to say that she did it in 2017.