Julianne Moore: Take Fitness Lessons From ‘Still Alice’ Star For A Youthful Look

Since she was a teenager, Julianne has been a devoted exerciser, and her continued physical attractiveness is no doubt due to this dedication.

Ashtanga and other yoga postures have made her body supple, and she credits them both for this.

She works out three times a week, and two of those times are spent doing yoga. The stunner has also recently begun strength training.

She has set aside two days a week for strength training, but admits that she has difficulty completing workouts for longer periods of time.

For her, cooking at home is preferable to eating out.

She eats a wide variety of healthy foods, including lean fish, eggs, green vegetables, and fruits.

Dairy, sugary foods, and alcoholic beverages are all things she naturally avoids.

Her skin and body need to be revitalised before she attends an event.

Aside from reviving her skin and body, the juice diet also makes her body more supple and graceful.

A health-conscious individual, Julianne keeps a strict diet and avoids eating after five o'clock in the evening.

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