Jordan Peterson Net Worth: 2022: Salary, Earnings, Books

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist from Canada who also writes, lectures, and engages in social commentary.

He has a reputation for making somewhat contentious remarks about social, political, and cultural issues, but over the course of his career, he has amassed an admirable net worth.

He started his career as an associate professor of psychology at Harvard University in 1993.

Peterson is the author of the two books, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos in 2018 and Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief in 1999.

Jordan asserted that he was earning $80,000 per month from his Patreon account at the time in a 2019 interview with Martin Weill.

Jordan stated that his speaking engagements brought in $35,000, and his consulting business and clinical practice brought in about $200,000 per month.

Additionally, he has probably received a sizable sum of money in book royalties. During his career thus far, he has reportedly sold about 5 million books. If each book he sold brought him just $1.

The total net worth of Jordan Peterson is $8 million.

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