Joe Namath Net Worth 2022: Salary, Assets, Earnings, Career

Joe Namath is a former quarterback in the National Football League.

Joe is a pop culture icon off the field as well. He went on to become a talk show host, a spokesperson, and a well-known actor.

Joe was drafted by both the NFL's St. Louis Cardinals and the American Football League's New York Jets. He was drafted 12th overall by the Cardinals and first overall by the Jets.

Joe thoroughly analysed both draught offers. He requested a $200,000 salary and a brand new Lincoln Continental from the Cardinals.

With the Jets, his rookie contract was worth $427,000 over three years, or $142,000 each year.

That's the equivalent of a $3.5 million contract worth $1.16 million per year now.

In 1975, he signed a new deal that set a new record. The Jets offered him a two-year, $900,000 contract. That would be the equivalent of $4.3 million now, or $2.15 million each year.

Joe Namath's net worth is estimated to be $25 million in 2022.