Interesting Things About Kelly Osbourne Fans Didn't Know

Kelly Osbourne has a net worth of 16 million dollars. She is an English singer-songwriter, actress, author, and clothing designer.

Kelly Osbourne had an unofficial marriage, which many people are unaware of.

Kelly was also engaged twice in addition to her unofficial marriage.

She was engaged to model Luke Worral in 2009 and to a chef called Matthew in 2013.

She had always suffered from anxiety and depression, and she relied on prescription medications to aid her.

She ultimately chose to go to rehab since she was a full-fledged addict who was struggling with her prescription medication addiction.

Kelly Osbourne has struggled with her weight throughout her life.

It had a variety of effects on her, and it was one of the reasons she turned to drugs and alcohol.

Kelly was going to try her hand at acting and make her feature film debut in Freaky Friday.