Fetty Wap Net Worth 2022: Salary, Assets, Career, Earnings

Fetty Wap is a hip-hop artist and record producer from the United States.

Fetty Wap's moniker comes from his ability to make money, as "Fetty" is a slang term for money.

He's also well-known for his relationship with Masika, a Hollywood hip hop sensation.

With the help of his lawyers and accountants, Fetty Wap is said to have been able to double his money by investing in stocks.

On Soundcloud and other services, he has over 13 million plays. His peers thought he was a brilliant investment.

We can't tell you about his homes or automobiles because he doesn't have any. He appears to be a lot wealthier than he is.

Fetty Wap's yearly income is rumored to be $1 million.

Fetty Wap's net worth is estimated to be 10 million dollars.