Does Gordon Ramsay Like Vegan Food

A long-held secret about the celebrity chef's affinity for vegan cuisine was finally revealed.

Since its inception, "Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans" has served as the show's first meatless cuisine competition.

When it came time for the cooks to take on Ramsay's vegan challenge, the celebrity chef got cheeky with them and revealed that he had a secret to impart.

Ramsay is well-known for his disdain for vegans and vegan cuisine.

Then he demonstrated his vegan version of the original beef wellington, the "beet wellington".

"Thanks to the kids, I've realised it's alright to be vegan...SOMETIMES," Gordon Ramsay told People magazine.

"I'm allergic to vegetarians," he quipped in 2016.The photo of a Twitter user's vegan lasagna was the subject of a joke from him in 2018.

There are various vegan items on his restaurant menus, which show his interest in the lifestyle.

Fan favourites include vegan bacon and eggplant steak, as well as vegan bang bang cauliflower, all of which he has created with vegan ingredients.

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Thanks For Watching. Stay With Us