Even though Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood's most well-known stars, he is still susceptible to the same issues that affect regular people.

Pitt discussed his condition and how his depression made him feel "alone" in an interview with GQ.

The actor was the cover star of the most recent GQ issue and was very candid and open about some of his personal life.

Despite working in movies and having a successful career, the Hollywood star admitted in an interview that he had depression and described how it affected his emotional state.

"I have always felt isolated. I was alone when I was a child, and I'm still alone now. My friends and family have only recently made me feel like they have my back." GQ Magazine was told by Pitt.

How he overcame all those emotions is a mystery.

Pitt continued, "I was always gliding with the currents, drifting one way and then the other.

The actor finally mentioned a factor that enabled him to get over his illness and discover joy.

"I enjoy listening to music a lot. I believe that joy is something I have only recently discovered "said Pitt.

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