Ariana Grande’s Best Makeup Looks Of All Time

Overdrawn Lips

Her overdrawn lips are simply noticeable enough, and it is a unique take on the typical pink matte lip.

Double Winged Liner

Grande's double winged eyeliner look elevated her traditional cat-eye to new heights, figuratively speaking.

All-Over Dimension

Her choice of shimmery white shadow, which brings out the holographic stickers around her brow and cheeks, is especially lovely.

Double Winged but Make It Nude

Late in 2020, Grande opted for a softer double-winged style using her traditional nude color pallet.

Wispy Feline Flick

Grande reduced the drama with a delicate cat-flick of her eyeliner. The eye is defined and highlighted by the shadow liner look.

Glossy Overdrawn Lips

She overlaid a thin cat-eye over bare shadow to keep the look simple and organic.

Lovely in Lavender

By blending a lavender shadow with her typical neutral eyeshadow colors, Grande established the case for a head-to-toe pastel look in 2019.

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