The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has captivated audiences all around the world.

Depp's supporters are more louder than Heard's. At the time this article was written.

The petition to have Heard removed from Aquaman 2 has nearly 4.3 million signatures.

On stage, Chris Rock remarked that we should "trust all women, except Amber Heard." See a list of celebrities who have supported Heard.

Kathy Griffin

Griffin, a comedian, was one of the first celebrities to back Heard.

Ellen Barkin

Barkin's testimony about the bottle incident was previously heard during Depp's libel action against The Sun in the United Kingdom.

Howard Stern

While the legendary radio personality has not expressed support for Heard explicitly, he has spoken out against Depp.

Julia Fox

Fox, star of Uncut Gems, has publicly backed Heard. "Did she beat him?" she wondered on Instagram. Yes. Was it maltreatment? No. To be able to abuse power, you must have it.

David Krumholtz

Krumholtz, who co-starred with Heard in the NBC drama The Playboy Club, took to Instagram to express his support for her.