Here’s what Alexandra Daddario's Diet and Workout do to stay slim, toned, and healthy.

Alexandra Daddario’s Diet

Alexandra Daddario does everything she can to be fit and healthy. This means she chooses fresh, natural foods wherever possible.


Alexandra prefers to keep foods healthful and protein-rich for breakfast. She isn't much of a cook, so she tries to stick to simple, quick, and easy meals.


Alexandra usually has to eat on the run for lunch. When she's on set, she has to rely on meal delivery services like Postmates or catering firms.


Her typical dinner consists of grilled chicken breast served over quinoa with avocado slices.


Alexandra tries to keep her snacks as healthy as the rest of her meals. She'll usually reach for a protein bar.

Alexandra Daddario's Workout Routine

Alexandra worked hard to stay in shape even before she was cast in Baywatch. However, after landing the part, she stepped up her workout regimen.


Hot yoga is without a doubt her favorite workout practice. She'd been practicing for years before breaking into show business.


Dumbbell bench press, Triceps kickbacks, Weighted step-ups, Standing row with TRX straps, Unassisted chin-ups = 10 reps Repeat 3 times