Watch Video: Lizzo Gets Naughty On Her Bed Wearing Monokini

When it comes to Instagram videos American singer, rapper, and songwriter Melissa Viviane Jefferson create such video the heads of the viewers are baffled. Melissa Viviane Jefferson is professionally known as Lizzo. He posted a new video on Instagram.

This is not the first time that Lizzo has shown her body in various poses on social media. Once again Lizzo shared a video on Instagram which went viral instantly. With this video, Lizzo once again brings her living room to the fans.

Lizzo lying on a red garment

In the video, she can be seen wearing a fitted blue suit, letting her black hair down, and sporting a very pretty look with light makeup that has inspired fans. She ends the video with a confident pose, captioning the post with a message of her love “SINCE PICS DONT DO NOTHIN ON THIS APP NO MORE IMMA LETS THIS VIDEO DO THE TALKIN😝 NEW @yitty BODY BUTTER BABY!!!”

At the beginning of the video, Lizzo comes to her soft bed and takes a slightly different pose in front of the camera. One part of the video that gets fans excited is the way she shakes her soft as*s.

Fans of the actor have commented a lot on the recent post. Some comments were general e.g “OH WOOOWWWW”, “SLAY BEAUTIFUL QUEEN!!! Get it!!!” “Gorgeous!!!!”, “You are so beautiful.” with one commenter writing, “You dont need it but take my credit card seriously 😭😭😭”. “Oh ma gawshhhh you are literally BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Like my eyes be blushing cause whet?” said another Instagram user.

By the way, Lizzo says about the trollers that it does not matter to them what people say. She likes to live life as per her wish.

Lizzo reminds her fans, not for her artistic success, to show themselves and their bodies some love on a regular basis.


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