Watch: P1Harmony’s 4th Mini Album “Doom Du Doom”

The eagerly anticipated return of P1Harmony has here!

The boy group released “Harmony: Zero In,” their fourth mini album, along with the music video for the title tune, “Doom Du Doom,” on July 20 at 6:00 PM KST.

The Kpop band P1Harmony is back with a brand-new concept after taking fans on a sci-fi adventure in the Disharmony trilogy. As you groove to the album’s title tune, Doom Du Doom, you won’t be able to catch your breath.

P1Harmony 2022
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The trio has returned with their fourth mini album, which features an upbeat song and a music video that will make you cheer for the athletes all the way through the Olympics! This is a terrific beginning for their new trip in Harmony: Zero In since the enthusiastic hip-hop track will encourage you to do whatever you want and to do it in your own style.

The six members of P1Harmony, a South Korean boy band signed to FNC Entertainment, are Keeho, Theo, Jung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob. This fourth-generation Kpop group is doing a great job keeping the Kpop tradition, and we can’t wait to see what else these brilliant fellas have in store for us.

We look forward to the new universe that the band will be creating and exploring as they embark on their new voyage. Following their introduction to Kpop with their first film P1H: The Beginning of a New World, P1Harmony made their musical debut on October 28, 2020, with their EP Disharmony: Stand Out and its lead track Siren.

The characters in this science fiction movie were superhuman beings who arrived from other dimensions to create order on a post-apocalyptic planet.

P1Harmony’s 2022 releases demonstrate its breadth. While the initial single from “Disharmony: Find Out,” “Do It Like This,” was an upbeat hip-hop song, Pink Sweat$’s “Gotta Get Back” was a soothing pop-R&B tune. For “Doom Du Doom,” however, P1Harmony creates its own Olympic Games in the music video, which also serves as their introduction to their upcoming series. Synths, guitar riffs, and a catchy hook accompany the lively pace of this song.

Below, you can see the music video for “Doom Du Doom” by P1Harmony:

They opted for a delicate arrangement instead of their previous heavy bass sounds, allowing the boys to showcase their vocal chops as they sang about doing their own thing regardless of what other people thought.

Additionally, P1Harmony released short performances of each of the album’s six songs. Theo and Jongseob continue to smash every beat while dancing to the upbeat melody as “Black Hole” continues with the dance-rock feel. With a relaxed choreography for the upbeat “Yes Man,” Jung displays his boyish charms.

Leader Keeho is all swag as he moves effortlessly to the song “Swagger.” With its vast scope, powerful rap, and distinctive melody, “Mirror Mirror” is a song that Intak took on as a task to embody with his precise and immaculate dancing. Rapper and dancer Soul stunned everyone with a pop ballad called “Different Song For Me” as the album’s closing track.

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Fans tweeted things like, “WAIT IM GONNA SCREAM WHAT IS THIS IM SO EXCITED TEH END,” expressing their love for P1Harmony’s new sound. THE GUITAR THE BOXING GLOVES. You don’t know how much I already adore this song, another fan said. “Left the rapping industry speechless,” one additional said. “P1h in their Olympic games period,” another joked.

What is the P1Harmony fandom name?

P1ece is the new name for their supporters. “Just as small bits join together to produce a full piece, it signifies the ‘final piece’ to P1Harmony’s excellence is the fans who are vital,” they explained as their justification. Check out the tweet and the music video below!

Who in P1Harmony is an English speaker?

Kpop Amateur
Intake was born in New Zealand and is another English speaker, albeit he isn’t very fluent, according to an interview with Amazon Music. JONGSEOB CAN SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH AS WELL. THEREFORE, P1HARMONY HAS 4 ENGLISH SPEAKERS.

What do iKON’s followers go by?

iKONIC 5. (iKON) A spin on the word “iconic,” iKON’s fans are referred to as “iconic” in this phrase.


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