Watch J-Hope’s new album Jack In The Box, Arson music video

The moment has come for Hobi enthusiasts. The new album Jack In The Box, by BTS member J-Hope (born Jung Hoseok), features six brand-new songs, including Arson, More, Jack In The Box, and Pandora Box. For days, the rapper has been posting album teasers and concept art, offering fans a peek at his more aggressive side.

The ARMY cheered for Hobi as he displayed a different avatar of his personality in the music video for Arson, which appears to be the topic of his upcoming album.

The eagerly anticipated show and the captivating Arson music video were made available to stream on Friday, July 15.

Jhope singer
Image: Jhope/Instagram

Following its July 1 release, MORE rose from No. 14 to No. 1 on the Twitter-powered Hot Trending Songs chart.

With this success, the rapper became the second member of the septet to have a solo single peak at No. 1 on the charts.

The 28-year-old rapper is seen “encountering the world outside the box and standing at the crossroads debating which path he should pursue” in the recently released music video for the explosive song.

In the music video, the group’s lead dancer is seen standing amidst a burned-out landscape filled with automobiles until J-Hope appears in a close-up as he collapses to the ground with burns on his face.

This week, it was revealed that BTS will appear in three brand-new series that will be available to view on Disney+. These include BTS: Permission to Dance on Stage – LA, an exclusive 4K concert video, an original travel reality show called In the Soop: Friendcation, with a star-studded cast that includes group member V, and an original docuseries called BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star.

Below, you can watch the “Arson” music video by J-Hope:

Come on, J-Hope,” read one of the remarks. You can let it burn or not. We are constantly by your side. I appreciate what he’s doing with this record, another fan remarked. He is emerging from the “sunshine” box he was placed in. While he isn’t quitting it, he is demonstrating to us that it is not all that he is. he is more complex than that. some deeper stuff. And for that, I fully support and respect him.

Another supporter added, “J-Hope, amazing dance, rapid rap, wonderful voice, this is precisely what we want Hobi the best.”

J-Hope appeared to have invited his band members to a pre-release celebration. Bang PD, Tiger JK, and Yoon Mirae are the directors of Big Hit. Jin posted numerous images from the event with the Jack In The Box backdrop, simply labeled “J-Hope.” The band members and Bang PD were the only people Jin knew at the party, and he was sitting in a corner reading webcomics, he added in response to multiple admirers.

Videos of people having fun and dancing were also posted by J-Hope, with V filming the action. Tiger JK also included V and RM in some of his selfies.

The song, which J-Hope had previously released on July 1 and has already earned a spot on the Billboard Hot 100, is the rapper’s second solo release after the 2019 smash Chicken Noodle Soup.

The band members had considered taking a hiatus and concentrating on their solo careers in June, and J-Hope had agreed that the band would benefit from the break. Following a commotion in which many believed that BTS was breaking up or taking a break, Big Hit released a statement explaining that the members would continue their group activities while simultaneously concentrating on their solo careers, with J-Hope taking the lead.


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