Tyler Cameron, Star Of Bachelor Nation, Opens Up About His Friendship With Matt James

For years, Matt James and Tyler Cameron’s friendship has been monitored by Bachelor Nation. Where are the two at this point? Here is Tyler’s response.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron

An update on his friendship with Matt James is being provided by Tyler Cameron.

One of Bachelor Nation’s most well-known friendships is between the two, but their history goes back even earlier. The couple, however, is busier than ever as a result of their appearances on their separate Bachelor franchise shows. Tyler discussed whether he and Matt are still close during an exclusive interview with E! News.

Tyler answered, “Well, yeah, it’s just that Matt is busy and I’m busy, you know. “You know, it’s just what happens when you get into a relationship, right? It’s all a part of developing, growing up and putting your attention on your relationships, profession, and self.”

After attending Wake Forest University together, Tyler and Matt became friends. They later shared an apartment in New York, where they launched the nonprofit ABC Food Tours. Tyler later made an appearance on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019, where he was one of her top two suitors. His mother Andrea Hermann Cameron nominated Matt for The Bachelor, however, she passed away in 2020.

Rachael Kirkconnell received Matt’s last rose during his season of The Bachelor in 2021. Their romance was rekindled later in 2018 after images of her attending a plantation-themed fraternity formal 2018 emerged online. (In an Instagram post from February 2021, Rachel apologized for the photographs.)

Matt mentioned that Tyler and Rachael have a “love-hate” relationship on a May episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron's relation

What was Tyler’s reaction? He laughed as he told E! News, “There’s love?” “I’m being facetious, of course. I’m joking, of course. Rachael, on the other hand, is fantastic. She makes Matt happy, and so do they. And it’s fun to see them do what they do, and they’re always on the go. Is our relationship a love-hate one? I believe our disagreements stem from the fact that we each have two distinct points of view and ways of looking at things. But we’re all fine at the end of the day. It is what it is, after all.”

Tyler’s quest for love is going swimmingly right now. Paige Lorenze, a model who has been linked to him, was recently spotted kis*sing him in New York.

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“In progress. I’m learning “He told E! “Now I’m dating someone, and it’s fresh, new, and a lot. Relationships require a lot of learning and understanding, which we’re doing. Fun thus far! We’ll see what happens.” Tyler’s romance with Paige isn’t all that’s new. The reality personality has teamed with Degrees Not Done Yet Marathon Team, which provides athletes a second opportunity to finish the San Francisco Marathon, and is the team trainer.

“They’re feeling confident, so I’m interested to see how they feel,” Tyler told E! News. “Don’t change anything,” I advised them. Keep doing what you’ve been doing with eating, running, etc. up to this point. Like, you’ve done it all. Start the race! Don’t question yourself, you’ve got this.’ The marathon has a lot to do with self-doubt, thus Degree deodorant developed the Not Done Yet Team to encourage individuals through self-doubt and keep progressing.”


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