The Internet Guitarist Steve Lacy Has A New Album Out, “Gemini Rights,” Which Is Boldly Groovy

Gemini Rights, Steve Lacy’s sophomore album, marks his comeback. It comes out three years after Apollo XXI, his debut album.

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It comes after the highly anticipated solo debut of the West Coast guitarist in 2019, “Apollo XXI,” which NME characterized as “retro-inspired through a current lens.” Prior to that, Lacy’s solo career began with low-quality demos that he made on his iPhone. His 2017 breakthrough single, “Dark Red,” drew parallels to Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, and Prince due to its contemporary sound. Since then, Lacy has worked with Vampire Weekend, Kali Uchis, and Kendrick Lamar. For the latter, the rapper’s fourth album, “DAMN,” has the song “PRIDE,” which features Lacy’s trademark guitar sound.

Missy Elliott gave some wise counsel to the younger generation last week. She added that a performer’s second album is “crucial” to building upon the success of the first and will “be stressful [to make], but it’s the best album to experiment on”: “Don’t be frightened!” The guitar player and vital member of the iconic R&B/funk band The Internet, Steve Lacy, appears to have seen that “Gemini Rights” had all the makings of a terrific second album with its audacious dives into uncharted musical waters and stylistic flourishes.

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Lacy is picking up the pieces after a breakup in Gemini Rights. It is a very flowing and enjoyable story. The story is about finding happiness, which is why I believe the subject matter is much more hopeful than sad if you look at it that way. After experiencing heartbreak, I’m rediscovering myself, he told “I write about my rage, melancholy, longing, confusion, happiness, horniness, anger, happiness, confusion, fear, etc., all out of love and all hilarious, too,” he said in a statement to Apple Music.

The opening track of Gemini Rights is “Static,” a farewell to Lacy’s previous flame. He sings over a piano-driven arrangement, “Hope you find serenity for yourself / New partner ain’t gon’ replace the gap.” The openly bisexual musician says, “Uh, lookin’ for a bitch because I’m over males,” upset with how his relationship ended.

Lacy understands who he should and shouldn’t be with. On “Helmet,” he ends a bad relationship to preserve his heart. He sings, “I got my heart a helmet since loving you was a hazard/You were so automatic/So you know I had to have it.” Lacy appears confident in the early part of the song. Second verse: “I’m kinda sad” What to do? / I’ll move on.”

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Breakups aren’t usually linear. Lacy realizes he still loves his ex on “Sunshine,” starring Foushée. I wouldn’t mind / I’d do it again / I’d let you cut the line / Just to be with you, Lacy sings in the song. They sang, “I still, I still adore you.” “Sunshine,” the latest album spotlight tune, has a rubberband-directed video. Lacy and his band perform on the ground while Foushée is suspended. Lacy meets Foushée with his bass guitar and they finish the song in the air.

Given the occasionally radical experimentation heard on his debut (the second song on “Apollo XXI,” “Like Me,” for example, clocking in at nine minutes), Lacy has accepted Missy Elliot’s advice for his second album in his own unique way. While Lacy’s solo music and collaborations with The Internet have subtly influenced popular culture, his most direct composition to date, “Gemini Rights,” will render the label of “cult artist” around Lacy increasingly obsolete.”


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