Terrence Howard’s Relationships History: From Lori McCommas to Mira Pak

American actors often change their girlfriends and wives. Terrence Howard is one of them.

On March 11, 1969, Terrence Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois, to multiracial parents Tyrone and Anita (née Williams) Howard, who had both African and English ancestry. Minnie Gentry, a famous actress, was his great-grandmother.

Terrence Howard was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and had a difficult upbringing. When Terrence was two years old, his physically abusive father murdered Santa Line, and Terrence witnessed his father stab another man. His father received an 11-month sentence after being found guilty of manslaughter. Upon his father’s release, Terrence Howard’s parents were divorced. His great-grandmother raised him.

Terrence Howard resides in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. From his five marriages to three different women, he has five children and two grandchildren.

Terrence Howard spouse first, Lori McCommas:

Terrence Howard and lori McComma
Image Source: Pinterest.com

In 1993, Terrence Howard wed Lori McCommas, who would become his first wife. After being remarried in 2005, they divorced once more in 2001. Together, they gave birth to son Hunter, daughters Aubrey and Heaven, and one other child. Terrence Howard has two grandchildren through Aubrey: Adrian, a grandson born in February 2015, and a granddaughter born in December 2012. Although Howard and McCommas’ divorce was initiated in 2000 and concluded in 2001, they later remarried. They then filed for divorce a year later, and their second divorce was finalized in 2007.

Terrence Howard spouse second, Michelle Ghent:

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent
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In 2010, Terrence Howard wed Michelle Ghent, Terrence Howard spouse second. February 2011 saw the divorce petition for Ghent. In December 2011, Ghent requested a restraining order, alleging that Howard had been physically violent to her. Despite the agreement being rejected in 2015 because a judge determined Terrence Howard had signed it under duress due to Ghent threatening to sell nude images of Howard and other personal information, their divorce was officially finalized in May 2013.

Terrence Howard spouse third, model, and restaurateur Mira Pak:

Terrence Howard and mira pak
Image Source: hollywood.com

Late in 2013, actor Terrence Howard wed model and restaurateur Mira Pak. They have two sons: Hero (born in 2015) and Qirin Love (born in 2016). They divorced in 2015, then in December 2018, they announced their engagement to the wedding again.

Terrence Howard studied chemical engineering and applied materials at college. Howard considers himself to be an engineer even though he did not finish his engineering degree. He plans to go back someday to finish the “three credits” he claims he is now lacking. Howard’s claims about his educational background have not been verified; the engineering degree program at Pratt Institute, which he claims to have attended, was shut down in 1993.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! on February 26, 2013, Howard also mentioned receiving his Ph.D. from South Carolina State University (SCSU) in chemical engineering that year. He did not, however, ever enroll there, and SCSU does not award chemical engineering doctorates. Instead, after giving a speech at SCSU’s 2012 commencement, Howard received an honorary “Doctorate of Humane Letters” (DHL) from the university.

Terrence Howard joined the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity as an honorary member in 2010.


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