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The rise of the Coronavirus has forced many filmmakers to suspend their films indefinitely. In this situation, various OTT platforms have come forward to fill this gap, just as they did during the lockdown of Coronavirus. Shyam Singh Roy 2021 Telugu movie is an action, drama movie made in the Indian Telugu language. The film was released on December 17, 2021.

Since its release, the film has gained a lot of popularity. Seeing the nationwide popularity, the Producer and the Director may decide to dub the film in Hindi. However, the Hindi dubbed of this movie has not been officially released yet. Whenever its official Hindi Dubbed will be released, its update will be available on our website. So we are writing this article to know you all the updates and information about the Shyam Singha Roy 2021 movie.

Information About Shyam Singha Roy 2021 Movie

Let’s know a little bit about the movie

  • Release Date– 24 December 2021 (India in the Telugu Language)
  • Written by– Satyadev Janga
  • Directed by– Rahul Sankrityan
  • Producer- Venkat Boyanapalli, S. Venkatarathnam
  • Music by –Mickey J. Meyer
  • Music Department-Cizzy, Krishna Kanth, Anurag Kulkarni, Vishal Dadlani
  • Cinematography– Sanu John Varughese
  • Film Editor– Navin Nooli
  • Editorial Department-Kala Sagar Udagandla
  • Production Design by– Kolla Avinash
  • Electrical and Camera Department-Monu Kumar Tiwari, Vaishak, Sabin Uralikandy,
  • Makeup-Preetisheel Singh
  • Sound Department- Harinarayanan, Diluxshan.


The story of the Shyam Singha Roy Telugu movie begins with a boy named Basudev who is very lucky and talented. He wants to be a movie director and so he decides to make a short movie. So he made a short film with a girl(Kriti). And this short film becomes very successful.
So he later decided that this time he will make a feature film. This feature film also becomes a very popular and super-duper hit. Since then, Basu has not had to look back, he got a lot of offers to make one film after another.
The twist in the story comes when Basu is arrested by a police officer for copyright. Because there is a similarity between the story of a writer named Shyam Singh Roy of 1970 and the story of a movie of Basu.
So the question is, how is Basu acquainted with that writer? And if there is no identity or communication between them, then how did that sem concept come to Basu’s head?
What is the story of the life of Shyam Singh Roy? You need to watch this Telugu movie to get the answer to all these questions.

Shyam Singha Roy Tailer

Shyam Singha Roy 2021 Movie Review

The movie has a double role of Tamil actor Noni. Noni has performed exceptionally well in both the characters. Sai Pallavi’s performance in the movie has been very good. The movie has been beautifully choreographed keeping the right balance of old and modern scenes. But if one has to struggle to make a movie, I think the scene should be very realistic. But it is shown there, most of the part has become cinematic. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. However, since it is a commercial movie, the presentation of this part cannot be called bad at all.
But when Shyam Singha Roy’s story was shown, that is, when Past’s story was shown, the presentation was extraordinary. Watching the story of the past really awakens a different feeling inside, it seems like we have gone back 50 years from today. Through the Past story, you will find a lot of information that is still unknown to us, or maybe some people know.

This party of the movie has been highlighted in a very extraordinary way. Nani and Sai Pallavi have both done remarkable performances of their characters. However, the movie focuses more on their love story rather than focusing on the main theme of the story. In a word, if you like to watch Love Story related movies then you must have seen the movie and if you don’t understand Telugu then you can watch it on Netflix with English subtitles or wait for Hindi Dubbed.

Shyam Singha Roy 2021 Movie: Star Cast

Nani(Double Role) Madonna Sebastian
Sai Pallavi Rahul Ravindran
Krithi Shetty Abhinav Gomatam
Murli Sharma Manish Wadhwa
Jishu Sengupta Barun Chanda
Ankith Koyya
Shyam Singha Roy Movie: Star Cast

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As the popularity of Telugu movies increased, people started searching the internet for different ways to watch all those movies. Various pirated websites often create pirated versions of good movies and upload them to their websites as soon as they are released. So now we will know some information about the total of five pirate websites for downloading this movie-

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There are currently a number of pirated websites on the Internet that upload pirated versions of movies to their websites shortly after they are released. So people do a Google search for the name of their favorite movie along with the names of various pirated websites, that’s why the popularity of all these pirated websites has increased a lot now. Let’s take a look at what people search on Google related to Shyam Singha Roy Movie and ibomma-

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Instead of these five pirated websites, there is another popular website from where you also can download the Shyam Singha Roy Movie. To Download the movie Click here for Filmyhit Downloading site.


The five websites listed above are pirated websites. And Pirated websites are completely illegal. If you download this movie from here, you too may be at risk. So we suggest you download the movie from the official website given below or watch it online.

Legal Platform to Download Shyam Singha Roy Movie

Shyam Singha Roy Movie

Due to the sudden increase of the coronavirus, movies made by them( Various Director and Producer) have been forced to suspend. Whenever the theater closes for various or due to Pandemic, OTT platforms come forward to fill our entertainment void. However, the movie has been released in theaters. The movie has gained a lot of popularity since its inception and looking at the popularity, Netflix has taken the necessary steps to stream this movie on their platform. You can watch the Shyam Singha Roy movie on Netflix if you want. However, the Hindi dubbed of the movie has not been released yet. If you want, you can watch the movie in Telugu with English subtitles.

Disclaimer does not promote piracy in any way. Piracy is considered a serious crime under the 1957 Copyright Act, and our purpose in this blog is to raise awareness about piracy and to encourage people to stay away from such websites. We always suggest you stay away from using all these pirated websites. If you use all of these pirated websites you could be at great risk and your personal information could be stolen.
So if you want to watch this movie then Netflix’s official website or platform is the only solution and legal way for you.


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