Shikhar Dhawan Dances Hand In Hand With Huma Qureshi In First Look From His Upcoming Film Double XL

In a new still from the upcoming movie Double XL, starring Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi, Shikhar Dhawan plays a key role. The cricket player will make his Bollywood debut with Huma as his partner.

Shikhar Dhawan Dances Hand In Hand With Huma Qureshi

The audience goes into a different excitement once their favorite cricket star is being shown on the big screen. Shikhar Dhawan, who is dressed in a black suit and bowing, dances with Huma Qureshi. Huma, who is wearing a scarlet gown and has brown hair, exudes mystique. On Tuesday, the newly redesigned poster for the upcoming film “Double XL” was made public. This film marks Shikhar’s debut in the world of Bollywood acting. 

The course of life for two very overweight women. This is the central conflict in the plot of ‘Double XL,’ which was directed by Satram Ramani. Rajshree Trivedi, a sports presenter from Meerut, is portrayed here by Huma Qureshi. Dressmaker Saira Khanna from Delhi is the character that Sonakshi Sinha will play in the upcoming film. They are the ones who determine what constitutes attractiveness in the society as a whole. On November 4, this comedic picture will be made available to watch on Netflix.

What are the cricket star’s thoughts on the prospect of working in movies? According to Shikhar, this movie is likely to have a significant influence on his life. After reading the script, he gave his assent. According to the cricket player, “the pressure of being a national player is really strong.”

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He also said “there is not even a moment to catch one’s breath.” On the other hand, he said that anytime He have free time, he watches movies. That is his go-to pastime when he has some free time. When he was presented with the opportunity to star in “Double X L,” Shikhar read the script, and it stayed with him. This artwork conveys an important message about social issues. Let’s put our best foot forward and pray that the youngsters of the next generation will succeed in achieving their goals. Whatever the outcome may be, they will follow the advice of their own hearts.


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