Rapper Flo Milli Releases Her Debut Album ‘You Still Here, Ho?

The rapper from Alabama finally drops her much-awaited album.

Rising superstar Flo Milli only grabbed the industry by storm in three short years. The Alabama-born rapper has only raised the bar for herself with each new piece of music since the release of her first two singles, “Beef Flomix” and “In The Party,” back in 2019. Due to the influence of social media, the younger generation of artists is now more exposed than ever. One of the top performers right now is 22-year-old Flo Milli, and as time goes on, her wave will only grow bigger and bigger. With the release of her debut studio album You Still Here, Ho? as we near the height of summer, Flo gives fans an early Christmas surprise.

Flo Milli
Image: Flo Milli/Instagram

The fact that Flo Milli had one of the most inventive album releases this year ought to be well-known by this point. The “No Face” rapper skillfully incorporated clips from each of the vintage reality TV programs Flavor Of Love and I Love New York to support album promotion. Without a doubt, the creative director(s) in charge of Flo Milli’s scope deserves some sort of honor. The 22-year-old changed his mind about dropping the song, which was originally scheduled for this Friday. She tweeted yesterday morning “YOU STILL HERE HO❓💜 F*ck Friday.. might just drop my album @ midnight preserve in my bio.”

The new joint, a 17-track affair with guests like Rico Nasty, reality TV star Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Babyface Ray, and more, serves as the conceptual follow-up to her blockbuster effort from 2020. How Come You’re Still Here?

The following is the new album’s complete track listing:

  1. “Intro HBIC (Tiffany Pollard Speaks)”
  2. “Come Outside”
  3. “Bed Time”
  4. “Hottie” (featuring Babyface Ray)
  5. “Conceited”
  6. “PBC”
  7. “Pretty Girls”
  8. “Do It Better”
  9. “No Face”
  10. “On My Nerves”
  11. “Big Steppa”
  12. “Pay Day” (featuring Rico Nasty)
  13. “FNGM”
  14. “Titled Halo”
  15. “Outro (I Love New York)”
  16. “Roaring 20s” (Bonus Track)
  17. “Ice Baby” (Bonus Track)

You can listen to the playlist by clicking on this link:


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It goes without saying that this thrilling fans all throughout the country, making it one of the most eagerly awaited album releases this week. Babyface Ray and Rico Nasty were chosen by Flo Milli to appear on her 17 records (plus two extra tracks). The cherry on top was that Tiffany Pollard, better known as “New York,” contributed to the album’s intro thanks to Flo.


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