Patra Petika Part 2 Ullu Web Series (2022) Cast, Story, Review, Download, and Watch Online

Finally, Patra Petika Part 2 new web series is scheduled to be released on the Ullu app. If you are one of them who are waiting for the Ullu web series then you have come to the perfect place, here you will find Patra Petika Part 2 Ullu Web Series 2022 Cast, Story, Review, Download and Watch Online, and many more that you need to know before watching the webseries.

Discussions about this web series started among the viewers after the release of part-1 of the Patra-Patrika web series from Ullu app on 25th March. And the popularity of this web series grow in a very short time, so the Ullu web series makers decided to release part 2 of this web series in a very short time without delay. Let’s know all the details about Patra Petika Part 2 without delay.

Patra Petika Part 2 Actress Rinku Ghosh
Image Credit: Rinku Ghosh

Patra Petika Part 2 Wiki

Web SeriesPatra Petika
PlatformUllu App
Release Date
27 March
Release Date1 April 2022
Origin CountryIndia
Main CastPrajakta Dusane
Rinku Ghosh
Patra Petika Part 2 Wiki

Patra Petika Part 2 Cast

After a long time, a decent level series has been released from the Ullu app, in which beautiful and talented actress Prajakta Dusne is playing the role of a housewife, and Rinku Ghosh as Meher Bee.

Patra Petika Part 2 Actress Shweta Ghosh
Image Credit: Shweta Ghosh

Patra Petika 2 Cast & Actress:

  • Dhananjay Sharma as Sharad
  • Prajakta Dusane as Lata
  • Vishal Mohan as Sudhir
  • Nandu Devgn
  • Rinku Ghosh as Meher Bee
  • Shweta Ghosh as Romila
  • Padam Singh as Durga Prasad

Patra Petika Part 2 Story

The Patra Petika Part 2 story begins right after the first story of this series ends. The story of this web series is divided into two parts, one part is the story of a housewife named Lata and the other part is the story of the problems that have arisen in the life of some women living in a Kotha and their solutions.

Lata eventually fell in love with the postman who helped her send the letter to her husband. Later, when her husband moved to town with her, she wanted to return to the village because she had not seen the postman.

Then there is a disagreement with her husband about various issues and their marital life is in turmoil. If you want to know what happened after that, you have to go to Ullu app and watch the series.

On the other hand, the news of various immoral activities in the Kotha we mentioned earlier, reached the village panchayat and the villagers wanted to evict all the girls living in the Kotha.

But since the headwoman(Meher Bee) of the Kotha was not willing to go, the village panchayat decided not to allow any outsiders to enter the room. So he put a guard outside the room. You will need to watch the series to find out what steps the girls in the Kotha will take to sustain their business.

Image Credit: Prajakta Dusane

Patra Petika Part 2 Review

After watching the Patra Petika Part 2 series, we did not find anything new in it. While watching the series, I remember talking about another web series of Ullu app and the one with which many similarities of this series can be found is Gaachi Part 2.

But if you like stories like this and Actress Prajakta Dusane is one of your favorite heroines then you can watch the series. We do not suggest you to watch this series as there is no such unique content in the series, but if you are interested in watching the series after reading the above story and watching the Trailer, then you can go to Ullu app and watch the series.

We have discussed the trailer towards the end of this article and its official link has been provided, you can watch the trailer from there if you want.

Patra Petika Part 2 Download & Watch Online

With the growing popularity of the Ullu web series, the search volume for downloading various web series published from this app on the internet has increased a lot. One such popular web series released from the Ullu app is Patra Petika Part 2, which is why people come to the internet and search for this series to download and watch online:

Patra Petika Part 2 Download Filmyzilla

Patra Petika 2 Ullu web series Downloadd TamilRockers

Patra Petika 2 Download Filmyhit

Utilizing this advantage, various pirated websites upload Patra Petika Part 2 on their website and provide download watch online for free. But we will always suggest you to stay away from all these pirated and torrent websites. The entertainment industry is suffering financially due to these websites and piracy is illegal in India and other parts of the world.
So the only official and legal platform for you is Ullu App to download the series.

Patra Petika Part 2 Ullu Web Series Trailer

On March 27, the trailer for the Patra Petika 2 Ullu web series was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the Ullu app. The official trailer for this series has received over 5 lakh views and 8 thousand likes within one day. Patra Petika 2 Trailer is available on the Ullu app’s official YouTube channel, which is linked here for your convenience.


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