Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 Ullu Web Series (2022) Story, Cast, Review, Download, Watch Online, and Many More

Get to know Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 Cast, Story, Review, Download, and Watch Online alongside all the seasons and parts of Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 detailed information.

Nowadays the popularity of Ullu app has increased a lot and Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 is one of the most contributed web series behind the popularity of this app. The total number of episodes of Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 is four, of which three parts have already been released and the fourth part is going to be released on March 22.

The Ullu app’s Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 web series has great properties for all the episodes of each part and the biggest contribution to this project is that the actress named is Kavita Radheshyam.

If you like to watch ullu web series and are interested in watching every episode of Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 then you have come to the right place. You will get all the detailed information about Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 from this article.

And those who haven’t seen the previous three parts of Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 have definitely missed a lot. For their convenience, we are going to discuss all the information to watch online and download Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 as well as all the parts of Kavita Bhabhi Season 3.

Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Cast

Ullu supporter most loved entertainer Kavita Radheshyam and Sharanya Jit Kaur. Both are playing the main role in this series.

Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Actress Kavita Radheshyam
Kavita Radheshyam

Kavita Radheshyam:

Kavita Radheshyam is an Indian actress who made her screen debut in filmmaker Vikram Bhatt’s Who Done It Uljhan. She is well known for her roles in Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi films.
She has appeared in several films directed by Faisal Saif, including Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore, Main Hoon Rajinikanth, Amma, and Shraap 3D, which is now in development.

Radheshyam featured in Faisal Saif’s controversial film Main Hoon Rajinikanth, which prompted Tamil actor Rajinikanth to file a petition with the Madras High Court to prevent the film’s release and screening.

Radheshyam’s sexy web serial Kavita Bhabhi, which was the most-watched web series in Asia during the COVID19 period, set a trend for its platform Ullu App. By accumulating 600 million downloads worldwide, the show outperformed its audience.

Sharanya Jit Kaur:

Sharanya Jit Kaur is a dancer and actress. She began her career as a model and photographer. She made her big-screen debut in 2017 with the film “Darpan.” She rose to prominence after appearing in Hotshots’ OTT web series “Paying Guest.” Sharanya Jit Kaur is a well-known brave actor who works with a renowned OTT platform like Ullu in India.

Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 Actress Sharanya Jit Kaur
Sharanya Jit Kaur

Kavita Bhabhi Season 3: Quick Info

Web SeriesKavita Bhabhi
Release Date22 March 2022
Trailer Release Date17 March
GenreRomantic- Horror & !8+
Origin CountryIndia
CastKavita Radheshyam
Sharanya Jit Kaur
PlatformUllu App


The Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 web series is based on drama and romantic content. Actress Kavita Radheshyam has made every part fun, interesting and popular through her extraordinary romantic performances. So now we see the story of Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 because this series is going to be released soon from the Ullu app.

The story of Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 is similar to the previous three parts where Kavita Radheshyam is playing the lead role and its main theme is Romance, Drama, and Horror. In this series, Kavita lives in a bungalow with her brother-in-law and her brother-in-law’s wife.

But a woman named Mangala died in the bungalow and her soul was not permanently disposed of. That is why that self has become an imaginary ghost and she tries to fulfill her needs by entering the body of different people.

This Ghost likes Kavita and that is why she enters the body of Kavita’s brother-in-law and continues to do whatever she wants with him. This is noticed by her brother-in-law’s wife and their marital unrest continues to grow.

They call on the Ghost to get rid of this unrest forever and want to know her wishes.
We’ve talked about The Ghost’s wishes before, and you’ll need to watch the whole series to find out what happened in the end story.


There is nothing new in the story of the series, it is made just like the old horror films but the horror scenes shown in the horror films are not shown here but some 18 plus scenes are shown instead. The series is going to be an average series for those who like to watch romantic scenes but for those who don’t like horror and romance at all, this series is going to be below-average level.

Actress Kavita Radheshyam
Kavita Radheshyam

But if you like watching Kavita Radheshyam’s acting and you like a horror story then you can watch the series on the Ullu app.
But keep in mind that this is an eighteen-plus web series, so if you are under 18, you must not watch this series, and if you are over 18, you can watch the series if you want.

Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Download

People began browsing the internet for alternative methods to view all of the Ullu web series as their popularity grew. Pirated versions of good web series are frequently created and uploaded to various pirated websites as soon as they are published.

One of the most prominent pirated websites is Filmyhit. Filmyhit’s interface is smooth and user-friendly, which is why the demand for unlicensed websites has skyrocketed. People who enjoy amusement look for ullu web series once they are released in a variety of ways on the internet, including using a Google search. People understood that the series is made in a very interesting story after seeing the trailer.

So people are trying to download the series and search on the internet- Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 Download Filmyzilla.

Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Watch Online

This is Part 4 of Kavita bhabhi Season 3 web series, which is one of the official web series of the Ullu app.
To watch Kavita bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 web series, first, download the Ullu app from Google and then subscribe to the Ullu app.

If you search the internet for Kavita bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 to download, you will most likely come across a number of sites that allow you to watch it online. Here are a few noteworthy websites: HDHub4U, 9xMovies, Filmizilla, Filmyhit, ibomma are just a few examples.

Keep in note that these are torrent sites, not official or approved sites, where you can watch Kavita bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 web series.

However, keep in mind that all of these torrent websites, as well as their use, are illegal.
If you want to watch Kavita bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 online, we recommend using the Ullu app, which is the only legitimate and legal way to do it.

Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 Trailer

On March 17, the trailer for Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 was uploaded on the official YouTube Channel of the Ullu app. The official trailer for this series has received over 200000 views and 7k Likes in a short amount of time. You can view the Kavita Bhabhi Season 3 Part 4 footage from the Ullu app’s official YouTube channel, which is linked here.


In no way does myholidayshow.com encourage piracy. Under the 1957 Copyright Act, piracy is a serious crime, and the goal of this blog is to raise awareness about piracy and advise consumers to avoid such websites. We constantly advise you to avoid utilizing any of these pirated websites. If you visit all of these pirated websites, you may be putting your personal information in danger.
So, if you want to watch this series, you’ll have to go to the Ullu platform, which is the only legal option.


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