How Nicki Minaj Described Her In A Recent Post

Nicki Minaj is a name in the music industry. Her contribution to the music industry is so valuable. She is a Trinidadian-born American singer, songwriter, rapper, and model. She is best known for her versatility, animated rap, and sharp lyrics. Nicki Minaj first ranked 3rd in the Billboard Top 100 chart for the album Super Bass’.  After this, she gives us many popular songs. 

Nicki Minaj Photos
Image: Instagram

Nicki Minaj Is Very Active On Social Media:

Nicki Minaj is very active on social media. Almost every day she posts something about her life, songs, album, etc. Fans love her so much for her outstanding songs, and her hot figure. Nicki wears different types of outfits every day which steal the heart of her fans. As a model and singer, she does her work so smartly. People are crazy for her sharp lyrics and animated rap. 

How Nicki Minaj Describe Her:

Recently, Nicki Minaj posted a couple of pictures in which she looks so gorgeous. She captioned this post “Princess face, a KILLER body, Samurai mind.” In this post, Nicki tries to explain her in a different way. Minaj said that she possesses a face that looks like a princess, a beautiful body that kills people’s minds with her hotness, and a mind like Samurai who are so talented. Nicki Minaj described her so smartly. 

After seeing her post, we can definitely say that the outfits Nicki Minaj wears are so attractive. Nicki wears a black V-neck short top, a thigh-high shoe, and a black sunglass. To enhance her beauty, Nicki has done pretty makeup. In this picture, Nicki was lying in a bed in a stylish pose. Definitely, this post went viral on social media like Instagram, Twitter Tik Tok, etc. 

After seeing this post fans became crazy. They like this post so much. Many people commented in this post saying beautiful, gorgeous, queen, princess, etc. After sharing this post, within an hour this post get lakhs of likes and comments.  If you like this post and want to know more information like this, then stay connected with us. 

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