About My Holiday Show

What is myholodayshow.com?

Welcome to My Holiday Show, is an entertainment-related website. The goal of this website is to enrich all the people across the world with a variety of important news and updates regarding web series, movies, Tv shows.

When we think of creating a new blog, we find that all the information available on various websites is not enough for the people who love to stay updated on entertainment-related news and information. Because of this, many people become confused to understand the current situation and what should they watch regarding web series, movies, and TV shows. So I wanted to do something to overcome this problem. Being an Entertainment lover, I thought of starting a pure entertainment-related blog. And this is how myholidayshow.com was born.

What does myholidayshow.com do?

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myholidayshow.com is an Entertainment related news media website. Here we discuss different types of news and updates regarding web series, movies, Tv shows, and Celebrities. The categories are discussed below-

Movies: This section of our website provides all the information and updates related to various new and old movies. If you like to watch movies you can join our website, we discuss all Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi Dubbed Movies in this section named Movies.
Upcoming movie stories, reviews, release dates, downloads, and online watch are all discussed in detail at this part on our website and recent information is updated as soon as possible.

Web Series: People around the world had been under house arrest during the lockdown, and since then the trend of watching web series has been on the rise. The various OTT platforms fulfill this human desire.
So if you like to watch web series then our website will be considered as an ideal website for you. Because here we are discussing the best web series that have gained or are likely to gain considerable popularity across a wide variety of platforms.

OTT Platforms: Nowadays people are very busy with their work so it is not possible for everyone to go to the cinema and watch movies. That’s why all those people are waiting for the movie to be released on the ott platform.
So we provide detailed information about the ott release of all the movies at this part of our website.
Moreover, web series are released on different OTT platforms, that is why we provide detailed information about different movies and web series OTT platforms release updates in this section.

Celebrities: People of India and all over the world are interested to know about their favorite stars.
So we discuss the most interesting facts and less known things about the different stars of the world, which keep people happy and updated by providing some information about their favorite star. And the part is named Know Your Stars.

What is the purpose of myholidayshow.com?

We want to enrich the awareness of people regarding web series, movies, and various websites and platforms by providing authentic and correct information.

Why is The Name Selected?

When I started thinking about opening an entertainment-related website, the first thing that came to my mind was – what will be the name of the website.
Because I can’t have all the names I won’t because I need a domain based on that name to open a website.
After a long week of thinking and researching a lot, the name was fixed.

People usually like entertainment updates and news, but it becomes very difficult to get a break from their working life to watch those movies or websites, so they choose to spend their holidays watching their favorite movies and web series.
So our website will help you to make your holiday totally entertaining by providing information and updates about what movies and web series are available for you during this holiday by providing information and updates. We have named this site myholidayshow.com so that your holiday show is entertaining enough.

Reason Behind myholidayshow.com

I opened this website because I like to watch web series, movies, and TV shows. After watching every movie, I thought about what happened in the movie, how it happened, why it happened, and how to improve the movie. Sometimes it seemed that if I were a director, I would be able to make more literary creativity. These were all thoughts in my mind, which have nothing to do with reality.

So finally, I have decided to start writing about movies, web series, and TV shows. I couldn’t be a director, but I can write about movies. And it gives me enough satisfaction. I am really happy to be writing this type of article and I am very happy to share it with you.

For any queries and any issues about the information provided by myholidayshow.com. You can contact us at contact@myholidatshow.com