Hannah Stocking Hits The Gym In Sports Bra and Matching Shorts

In a recent video, Hannah Stocking sat on various pieces of gym equipment while striking a variety of enticing postures that did justice to her beautiful blonde hair and curvaceous figure.

Hannah Stocking video
Image: Instagram/Hannah Stocking

In her most recent post, Hannah Stocking, who is 30 years old, posed for shots in a fitness center. On August 14, the internet personality and actress posted a new video of herself on Instagram. In the clip, she can be seen exercising in a gym that is equipped with fitness equipment while wearing a sports bikini and matching shorts. She flashed the camera intense and self-assured expressions while wearing her blonde hair in braids. 

Hannah Stocking Bold Video:

She simply captioned the video, which garnered a lot of replies from her devoted followers, “Mindset is Be stronger than your excuses.” One supporter commented, “Strong afff,” while another referred to the video as “Simply gorgeous.” A third person wrote “SOOOO FIRE,” while a fourth person posted the word “sexy.”

In the caption, Hannah Stocking also said all the exercises she did on this video. She said “Box Jumps – lights up your full lower body using just your body weight! 3 sets of 20”,  “Leg Press – a beginner friendly exercise that helps to build your quads, hams and glutes. 5 sets of 10”, “Goodmornings – work the muscle groups on the backside of your body. With proper form you can really increase your leg and back strength. 3 sets of 15”, “Prone Hamstring Curls – primarily works your hamstrings, but also hits the glutes. A great exercise to do if you’re quad dominant, and have a hard time isolating your hams. 3 sets of 10”, “Barbell Back Squats – another full lower body exercise, and one of our faves! Not only are you building your hams, quads and glutes, you’re also strengthening your back and core. 3 sets of 10”. 

Instagram is one of Hannah Stocking’s favorite social media platforms. She uses her official Instagram to share frequent updates on her life and many other topics. Why Hannah Stocking is so beloved by her audience is because she cares about them. The post quickly gained tens of thousands of followers after being shared. Keep up with us if you found this content interesting and are interested in learning more.

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