Christina Perri Talks About Her Journey To Healing After Having A Miscarriage And A Stillborn Baby

After two miscarriages in the last three years, Christina Perri is turning her grief into a source of inspiration.

In November 2020, the 35-year-old woman gave birth to a stillborn girl called Rosie. She had a miscarriage just 10 months before.

Christina Perri Healing Journey

In an interview with People, the singer reflects on her recovery process and her new music now that some time has passed.

“There was so much wrath, anguish, and sadness,” she said. “It was a terrible situation.” It got to the point that there were days when I couldn’t picture myself in the future at all.

It’s not uncommon for Perri and her husband, Paul Costabile, to wonder what their family might look like now if Rosie had lived. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter named Carmella.

Neither Paul nor she believed they would ever be free of their longing for Rosie. “However, she’ll always be a part of my life.”

One of Rosie’s many tributes is a tattoo of the singer’s name on her chest and a rose tattoo on her right hand. In addition, the garden of the couple has a rose bush.

Pregnant for the second time, Perri announced in May that she had been diagnosed with a blood-clotting issue.

As a result, Carmella and I are overjoyed. Her daughter opens a gift that contains a sonogram, and she captions the video, “we’ve been having all the feelings, but mostly striving every day to choose joy”.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the singer posted a heartfelt message to Carmella’s Instagram account, in which she referred to the song she released earlier this month as “Mothers.”

Perri gave her fans an update two weeks after her tragic news, writing in December that “we’re not alright, but we trust in a day when we will be.”

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“Every day, me, paul, and Carmella all wrap ourselves in love and pain,” she stated at the time. “Together, we’re learning how to cope with our sadness. We can’t swim every day, but we can float just fine. There are times when we cry and times when we laugh every day. A roller coaster ride of emotions and thoughts has raged on throughout today; it’s been a roller coaster of all of them!”

For making me a mother, I thank you, Carmella,” says the mother. Thank you, my two spirit babies, for entrusting me with the task of transporting you to your next destination. Having children has been the greatest blessing of my life. It is with great joy that I wish all the many magical kinds of humans who walk into this job a very emotional and heart-filled Mother’s Day,” she added. It is a privilege to recognise and honour all of the women and men out there who love and care for children in the most unconditional way. We salute you today and every day.

Even so, Perri admits that she has experienced “some moments of surrender and hope sneak in there, but not frequently,” and that “that’s all normal” in the course of the grieving process.

“To be honest, it’s been a bit much. but in addition, the outpouring of love and support has been amazing “She took to her computer and began to type. “It has been the greatest outpouring of affection I’ve ever experienced. The worst experience of my life has been bittersweet since at the same time, I’ve felt the most loved in my life. 


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