Bam Margera, No Word From Son Or Estranged Wife… Attorneys Are Up For Custody

Skateboarder, stuntman, television personality, and director Bam Margera, 41, are some of his accomplishments. He rose to fame as a reality stunt star at the beginning of the 2000s.
He continued working with MTV after his tremendous success in Jackass to develop the spin-off series Viva La Bam and Bam’s Unholy Union. His subsequent movies, Haggard and MInghags, were co-written and directed by him. His work in music videos has also been very successful for him.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera’s traumatic breakup with his ex-wife caused him to run away from rehab; but, since returning, he hasn’t heard a word from her or their child, so he’s engaged an attorney.
Bam Margera, like many addicts who continue to avoid accepting responsibility for their failures in quitting an addiction, keeps blaming others “Glass claims. “in particular, his ex-wife.

Glass claims that Nikki Margera even briefly moved to Florida from California to be close to her troubled husband while he was receiving treatment in the hopes that they might be able to rejoin as a family. Bam eventually went back to her house in California after unauthorizedly leaving the prison a second time. She has once again been forced to ask friends and family for assistance with food and shelter. Glass elucidates.

Bam Margera with his family

Glass claims that Nicole purposefully filed for child custody, child and spousal support last year as opposed to divorce. When he first agreed to take part in the addiction and mental health therapy he knew he so sorely needed, she was encouraged.

Nikki Boyd, Bam’s former wife, has only spoken to his team about Phoenix Wolf’s child support and custody arrangements; she has not attempted to contact Bam personally or return his calls.
Bam has now retained a family lawyer to assist him in seeing his son. Bam had already made an effort to establish a visitation schedule on his own. The distance between Nikki and Phoenix and Bam, who is at a Florida recovery facility as part of his court-ordered therapy, doesn’t seem to be improving their connection.

Nikki filed paperwork in Los Angeles asking for sole custody of Phoenix and only requesting that Bam have supervised visitation. The inability to see his child and the conviction that Nikki had moved on were the driving forces behind Bam’s recent disappearance from rehab. Bam is no longer interested in attempting to resolve his conflict with Nikki as a result of his recent outrage. He worries he won’t get another chance to see his son and has just that on his mind.

As is customary practice, Nikki’s attorney has been waiting to hear from Bam’s new treatment center before opening communication. Glass claims that he is also waiting to hear from Bam’s lawyer in order to schedule a meeting between Bam and Phoenix


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