“Baby One More Time” By Britney Spears Hit Me One More Time… Singing In Public For The First Time In Years

Britney Spears announced some news that many people had been eagerly awaiting: new music is coming out, and the first song she chose is incredibly intriguing. Britney Spears took center stage in her house to share some nostalgia with her nearly 42 million Instagram followers.

Britney Spears

While folding laundry, the pop artist recorded a mirror selfie of herself singing her 1998 hit song “…Baby One More Time,” as she posted on Instagram. Britney is performing in front of an audience for the first time in a while. “I haven’t shared my voice in an extraordinarily long time… maybe too long,” she said as the caption for the video.

She then said that she has been hoping to re-release an updated version for years, if not longer. “Well, for the past 14 years, I have pleaded for what I want. a new rendition of “Baby,” but have the producers assemble it for me instead… An opening nonetheless, the TEAM said NO and served me with 4 girls, including my sister, performing a 5-minute version of 4 remixed songs to the letter without even having to put forth any effort or dance… shot it well, and the audio was brand-new! They humiliated me, ruined it for me, and made me feel worthless! Truth is a f***** bitch, people!”

The words of the song are not the ones we are familiar with from the 1990s, though. Okay, lyrics. Britney now croons, “When I’m not with you, I lose my mind / Give me an f—-ing sign,” in the chorus. It was her “different rendition of ‘Baby,'” she said.

The newlywed also provided further information regarding her 13-year conservatorship in the same article, claiming that her “womanhood was ruined”. “Before getting detained somewhere, I worked really hard. It’s too late now. As I previously stated, they ruined it for me. Pssss, I mistakenly believed that “ask and you shall receive,” but all I knew was “NO MA’AM, SORRY”!!!! They waited outside my door and informed me I couldn’t have my car keys and that I couldn’t leave alone. Sorry, ma’am. We have to abide by the rules. Each and every one of them made me feel worthless. As I previously stated, they removed my rights. My womanhood had been destroyed!”

It appears that this is a significant step toward Britney’s long-term goal of returning to the recording studio to work on new music.



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