See How America’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Rihanna makes and spends her $1.4 billion fortune

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, a Barbadian singer, actor, fashion designer, and businesswoman, was born on February 20, 1988. Rihanna was found by American record producer Evan Rogers, who invited her to the country to record demo tapes. In Barbados, Bridgetown was where she was raised after being born in Saint Michael.

After signing with Def Jam in 2005, her first two studio albums, Music of the Sun (2005) and A Girl Like Me (2006), both of which have Caribbean music influences and reached peak positions in the top ten of the US Billboard 200 chart, assisted her in fast gaining reputation.

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How Rihanna Becomes America’s Youngest Self-made Billionaire:

The youngest woman in American history to become a self-made billionaire didn’t grow up in a Hollywood Hills mansion or a Manhattan skyscraper. Instead, Rihanna amassed her fortune through the sales of her own music and various business ventures.

The 34-year-old singer and CEO of Fenty Beauty just reached Forbes’ annual list of the richest self-made women in America for the third consecutive year. She came in at number 21 overall and is the only billionaire under 40 on the list. One source of Rihanna’s $1.4 billion net worth is her successful music career. Her three retail businesses, Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and Savage X Fenty, account for most of it.

Savage X Fenty underwear was working with consultants on a potential $3 billion initial public offering, according to a March Bloomberg report (IPO). Rihanna owns a 30% stake in that company. She also owns 50% of the 2020 brand Fenty Beauty, which generates $550 million annually. The French luxury fashion behemoth LVMH owns the remaining 50% of the business.

Rihanna has said she doesn’t place much significance on ratings and recognition, despite the impressive numbers. She claimed that she never wanted to become wealthy and that becoming successful financially “wasn’t going to stop me from working” in a 2019 interview with The New York Times’ T Magazine.

The nine-time Grammy Award winner also stated that she wants to donate the money to worthwhile causes.” My money is never for myself; it’s always in the hope that I may help someone else,” she allegedly said. “The world can really make you believe that the wrong things are a priority, and it makes you really miss the core of life, what it means to be alive.”

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Rihanna established the Clara Lionel Foundation, a charitable organization, in 2012. (CLF). According to its website, it intends to “promote and fund ground-breaking educational and climate resilience activities.”

Sales from the singer’s lipstick collection with MAC Cosmetics were one of its first projects, which debuted a year after the foundation’s founding and raised $60 million for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. And in January, CLF collaborated with Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, on the #SmartSmall campaign to contribute a total of $15 million to 18 different climate justice organizations.

The financing is designated for organizations in the United States and the Caribbean that are “focused on and led by women, youth, Black, Indigenous, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ communities,” according to the CLF website.

The Climate Leadership Fund’s work, according to a statement from Rihanna in January, “is rooted in the understanding that climate disasters, which are increasing in frequency and intensity, do not impact all communities equally, with communities of color and island nations facing the brunt of climate change,” she added.

Kim Kardashian, 41, has a $1.8 billion net worth, making her the second-youngest billionaire on the Forbes list. Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner have achieved success in both entertainment and retail, including their individual beauty lines. Kylie Jenner, the youngest non-billionaire on the list at age 24, with a net worth of $600 million.

How Rihanna Spends her $1.4 billion Fortune:

The world’s richest female artist undoubtedly understands what it means to live a privileged existence. Rihanna, who is well known for her sense of style, enjoys spending money on her clothing and accessories, which also include an Adam Selman outfit, some Stella McCartney shoes, a Dior bag, and a special US$10,000 Jacquie Aiche necklace.

Her champagne and silver Rolex Datejust watch, which costs US$12,700 (about Rs. 9. 42 lac), stands out in her extensive collection of luxury goods.

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Rihanna is aware that part of being a star is always having to be camera-ready. She spends roughly US$ 1 million a year on manicures, hair, and cosmetic treatments in order to stay on top of the beauty game.

The billionaire adheres to healthy living to the letter because it is the key to balancing a hectic existence. For about US$800 (Rs 59,400) every day, famous chef Debbie Solomon prepares nutritious meals for Diana, while US$1,500 guarantees that she looks her best with celebrity trainer Jamie Granger (Rs 1,11,375).

The celebrity enjoys making real estate investments. Rihanna spent US$6.9 million on a lavish beach home because she was enamored of the Pacific Palisades, an upscale residential area tucked between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

She spent an additional US$22 million on a residence in Barbados that was designed to resemble the White House out of pure nostalgia and a sense of obligation to the country where she was born.

Her other Los Angeles acquisition was a $6.8 million Mediterranean-style property with a theatre and spa where Rihanna can unwind.

Among the expensive vehicles that Rihanna owns are a Lamborghini Aventador valued at $750,000, a Mercedes SLR McLaren valued at $1.45 million, and a Maybach 57S costing $350,000.

In addition to all of this, Rihanna enjoys taking time off and spending her hard-earned money on going out with her pals. She has a reputation for having a good time with friends on pricey yachts and in opulent settings.

1. Why is Rihanna a rising star?

Michael Parish, Barbados), a Barbadian pop and rhythm-and-blues (R&B) singer who rose to fame in the early 21st century and is renowned for both her distinctive and adaptable voice and her stylish style. She was well known for her clothing and cosmetic products.

2. How old was Rihanna when she got famous?

In her native Barbados, Rihanna was founded in 2005 by American music producer Evan Rogers. The 16-year-demo old’s was subsequently delivered to Def Jam Recordings, where Jay-Z, the new CEO of the business, listened to it.

3. Who is more well-liked? Beyoncé or Rihanna?

As the most followed person on Twitter with almost 100 million followers, Rihanna outperforms Beyoncé, who has fewer than 20 million followers. With nearly 15 million more subscribers than Beyoncé, Rihanna is ranked 12th among the top 30 most subscribed YouTube Music artists.

4. Rihanna stopped recording songs when?

The singer’s most recent album, ANTI, was released in 2016, and she has since spent a tremendous amount of time developing her cosmetics and skincare brand, Fenty, as well as a lingerie business.

5. Who is the Fenty CEO?

Icon Robyn Rihanna Fenty
fashion and music icon Savage x Fenty’s CEO and Creative Director is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Savage X Fenty is a collection of intimate apparel that was created with the idea of creating lingerie that speaks to and embraces everyone.

6. What caused Rihanna to stop?

Rihanna never really stopped making music, but she wanted to take a break after a decade in the spotlight and eight studio albums to concentrate on her other passion and live life on her terms.


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