After Two Years Of Separation, Badshah Started A Relationship With A Punjabi Actress

Badshah has been dating this girl for a whole year. He has developed romantic feelings for a Punjabi actress. He and his lover do not wish to discuss the nature of their relationship in any detail.

Badshah and his girlfriend

Badshah, a well-known rapper, has been apart from his wife Jasmine for the past two years. After some time, the rapper began to live a life apart from the lockdown. Badshah has recently become entangled in a romantic partnership. It has been revealed that he is romantically involved with the Punjabi actress Isha Ricki. They have been dating each other for close to a year at this point in their relationship.

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Neither Rapper nor Isha are eager to make their romantic involvement public at this early stage. They had a strange encounter at a filmi party. And the instant they meet, they experience feelings of attraction. Someone who is close to Badshah shared their opinion that the two of them share a lot of similarities. They have a lot of the same musical and cinematic tastes. Both Badshah and Isha have informed their families about their continuing relationship.


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