A New Collaboration Date Between Megan Thee Stallion And Future Is Released Officially

Wednesday 20th July release date has been set for the collaboration between Megan Thee Stallion and Future titled “Pressurelicious.”

 Megan Thee Stallion And Future new song

Megan Thee Stallion announced on Wednesday (July 20) that she will be releasing her new single, “Pressurelicious,” on Friday, which means that Hot Girl Summer is getting hotter (July 22).

Future is featured on the song, which was announced along with the cover image, which shows the “Savage” rapper with her tongue out in a white full-body mask. The Instagram post, which can be seen here, was captioned “Hot Girls Up 10000000000000 points” by Meg.

The 27-year-old met down with Rolling Stone last month when she discussed her impending sophomore album. The article stated that Megan is working diligently on the follow-up to her 2020 debut album Good News, which she “hopes to get out this summer.”

The rapper said of her as-yet-untitled record, “I want to take you through so many different feelings.” You were twerking at first, but now you might be crying. Megan claimed last month that the record was “probably like 95 percent done.”

In her June Rolling Stone cover story, the Houston rapper stated that Future is one of her favorite rappers and announced the collaboration. She exclaimed, “He’s just so f*cking ratchet!” “He is completely himself. Anyone that gets up and performs anything in front of others is admirable in my book. Anyone who is required to read about their life on the internet every day and cope with so much energy and who is able to express it in their music and do it elegantly deserves flowers, in my opinion.

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Meg also revealed the peculiar ways she writes, including how she sometimes records ideas on her phone while in the shower. Megan said, “Attempting to write in the shower is like trying to compose an entire movie. But I keep my speaker loud and just freestyle, and then I write it down when I get out. A lasting legacy is what drives Megan Thee Stallion’s extreme devotion to her craft: “I just always want people to remember, ‘Yes, Megan Thee Stallion, she was fantastic, she was a rapper. The coldest rapper, she was one of the best, she claimed.

The song “Pressurelicious,” which was collaborated on by Megan Thee Stallion and Future, is scheduled to be released on July 22.


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